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The Laundry Evangelist

The Essentials Laundry Kit

The Essentials Laundry Kit

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So many of you have asked me to curate the perfect laundry kit, and the wait is over! I have put together all of my favorite laundry products to create the essential kit. Everything you need with only one click of a button. Plus when you buy the kit, you save 5% compared to individual product prices!

Each Essentials Laundry Kit includes Laundry Soap Flakes, 3 Wool Balls, 1 StainBar, 1 Ergonomic Horsehair Stain Brush

Laundry Evangelist Laundry Soap Flakes

Our exclusive Laundry Soap Flakes started with the recipe of a New Zealand woolier. We tweaked the recipe to make our laundry soap safe for the environment and your clothes. These laundry soap flakes are strong enough to use on all of your athletic attire but gentle enough to make your cashmere sweaters even more lofty and luxurious.


  • Saponified Sunflower Oil
  • Saponified Coconut Oil

3 Laundry Evangelist Wool Balls

Scent your laundry with your favorite essential oil with Wool Dryer Balls by The Laundry Evangelist. Speed up your drying time so your clothes tumble less in the dryer. Minimize wrinkles. Keep larger items in your dryer from knotting up in the dryer. With wool dryer balls you’ll not have knots!

1 Laundry Evangelist Stain Bar

Specifically formulated for The Laundry Evangelist, our stain bar is unique in that it’s the only laundry stain bar on the market made with baking soda. The great thing about a stain bar with baking soda is it gives that extra “oomph” while cleaning, but is safe enough for a silk scarf.


  • Saponified Sunflower Oil
  • Saponified Coconut Oil
  • Baking Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate)

1 Laundry Evangelist Ergonomic Horsehair Stain Brush

Without a doubt, the laundry ergonomic horsehair stain brush is one of our favorite items ever.  You know that we LOVE LOVE LOVE this brush to remove laundry stains,  the horsehair is soft enough to scrub the most delicate fabrics, but you need more than one, many more than one!  This is the perfect brush to scrub your jewelry, polish the silver, take the crumbs out of the toaster, dust those little crevices in a picture frame, safely brush the tops of books, clean the grooves in the furniture after the grandkids are over, get toothpaste out of those tiny spots around the bathroom sink handles (honestly, how does that even happen?) and detail those little buttons in the car after you stopped for breakfast on your way to work.  Well, you get the idea, these horsehair laundry brushes are perfect for everything, you will want to stock up.

These brushes plus a bar of laundry soap make an amazing gift for just about everyone on your list, btw.

Oh….and I almost forgot, get one for your luggage, when you are traveling these will save your wardrobe.


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