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The Laundry Evangelist

Lemon Leaf Laundry Fragrance Oil

Lemon Leaf Laundry Fragrance Oil

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Elevate the laundry experience with a fresh and fragrance-filled dryer experience by applying Lemon Leaf Laundry Fragrance Oil to Thymes Wool Dryer Balls. Welcome a burst of fragrance with dewy leaves, crisp white wood accord and creamy lily of the valley combined with a finishing touch of effervescent lemon verbena.

Lemon Leaf is a Citrus Fragrance

Sunny and sparkling, this uplifting fragrance creates a green, citrus-filled escape for the home. Dewy leaves. Crisp white wood accord. Creamy lily of the valley. Effervescent lemon verbena. Bergamot oil. Geranium blooms.

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