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LauraStar S Pure Extra

LauraStar S Pure Extra

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Laurastar S PURE Xtra irons, rejuvenates and enhances your clothes effortlessly. This all-in-one appliance is the most advanced in the S PURE range. Thanks to its 3D iron, active table with vacuum and fan system and hygienic steam, say goodbye to creases and germs! Reinvent ironing for an impeccable style. And freshen your textiles thoroughly.

  • Active board with vacuum and fan system
  • 3D Plastic Soleplate for perfect results in a single movement
  • Gently cares for all fabrics and colors with the professional iron and Laurastar DMS (Dry Microfine Steam).
  • Purifies fabrics with Laurastar DMS (Dry Microfine Steam), which eliminates dust mites, bacteria, and fungi that are resistant to being washed in lower temperature cycles.
  • Includes: Removable water tank, Ironing board cover , Steam cord holder, Heat resistant iron mat, Protective sole plate, Drain pan, 1 pack of Anti-scale granules

Bonus: Once you buy your LauraStar we can schedule a 15 minute zoom to show you some extra tips on how to use it!

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