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Laundry Evangelist Laundry Soap Flakes

Laundry Evangelist Laundry Soap Flakes

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Our exclusive Laundry Soap Flakes started with the recipe of a New Zealand woolier. We tweaked the recipe to make our laundry soap safe for the environment and your clothes. These laundry soap flakes are strong enough to use on all of your athletic attire but gentle enough to make your cashmere sweaters even more lofty and luxurious.


  • Saponified Sunflower Oil
  • Saponified Coconut Oil

Once you experience these incredible Laundry Soap Flakes, Laundry Day will be your favorite day of the week. Our Laundry Flakes come in a 1-pound bag and each will give up to 80 loads of laundry. You may have heard of the Laundry Evangelist's Laundry Soap Flakes on Patric's Discovery+ TV show, The Laundry Guy.


Put 1 tablespoon of our Laundry Soap Flakes in warm water directly into the drum of your HE washing machine and 1 and 1/2 in all others. Some of our customers like to dissolve the Soap Flakes in a bit of warm water for a cold water wash.  We also love the tiniest of pinches of laundry flakes for hand washing.

"They’re the most gentle product I could find on the market, they are safe to wash every single thing you use, and what’s great about it… you use one tablespoon for an entire load of laundry. The bag lasts a long time, and your clothes come out like, amazing." -Patric

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