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The Laundry Evangelist

Farmhouse Sachet

Farmhouse Sachet

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This bundle contains 3 sachets in muslin drawstring bags. Each bag is full of natural fragrances to freshen a drawer, closet, or laundry!

*LAUNDRY- tumble one sachet in the dryer with your damp clothes. Re-use for 5 or 6 dryer fulls.

*DRAWER- tuck between socks or shirts in your dresser drawer for lightly scented clothes and a fresh drawer everytime.

*CLOSET- loop the drawstring on an empty hanger for a freshly scented closet.

  When you think the sachet has been used has one more use! Sprinkle the contents on your carpet and vacuum! Fresh carpet! Also, the vacuum cleaner will smell fresh for days!

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