The Laundry Guy’s Favorite Laundry Products

Hi I’m Patric Richardson, the Laundry Evangelist, Author of Laundry Love, and host of The Laundry Guy on Discovery+, welcome to my laundry room.

A lot of people ask me, “How do you set up your laundry room?” and today I’m going to show you. These are the products that I use. I know it looks like a lot, but once you set it up, you are going to have everything you need and it’s going to last a really long time. So let’s get started.

My Favorite Products

Laundry Soap Flakes by The Laundry Guy

1. Laundry Flakes

First and foremost are my laundry flakes. I formulated them myself. They’re the most gentle product I could find on the market, they are safe to wash every single thing you use, and what’s great about it… you use one tablespoon for an entire load of laundry. The bag lasts a long time, and your clothes come out like, amazing.

Sport Detergent The Laundress - The Laundry Evangelist

2. Sport detergent

The next thing I have is Sport Detergent. I talk about Sport Detergent from The Laundress Constantly. The Sport Detergent from The Laundress is the only thing I have ever found that completely cleans your activewear or your techno-driven fibers. So anything that is polyester, be it an undershirt, lingerie, or athleisure, the Sport Detergent brings it back to life. It makes it fresh, new, and sweet-smelling. I LOVE it.

Oxygen Bleach the Laundry Guy Bleach Oxy

3. Oxygen Bleach

From food stains to oxidation, oxygen bleach does it all.  Free of harsh chemical smells, this powerful alternative to chlorine bleach works wonders to safely remove dirt, stains, and odors. Add to the wash cycle to whiten and brighten clothes—You can also use this single product to clean your entire home— tiles, sinks, and surfaces.

Signature Detergent The Laundress - The Laundry Evangelist

4. The Signature Detergent

The thing I love about the signature detergent is it’s your basic. It’s your go-to when you need a liquid detergent. When I’m going to throw some clothes in the wash and I’m not entirely sure what to use, I’m going to use the signature detergent because I know it’s always safe.

Darks Detergent The Laundress Classic - The Laundry Evangelist

5. The Darks Detergent

The next on my list is the Darks Detergent. The Darks Detergent is the Signature Detergent with the addition of some color guard. What I love about this is when I wash my black, I know its going to come out just as black and rich as when it went in. Except, it’s going to be a little cleaner. So I love the Darks Detergent.

Le Labo Signature Detergent The Laundress - The Laundry Evangelist

6. The LeLabo Detergent

*Sigh of happiness* The Santal 33… uhm if you could have a love affair with laundry detergent, I kind of think it would be this one. It’s what I use whenever I wash my dress shirts and every single time I put on a shirt, I’m reminded of how much I love the Le Labo Santal 33. It’s kind of an indulgence that I get to enjoy every single day.

Crease Release Classic The Laundress - The Laundry Evangelist

7. Crease Release

What I love about Crease Release is that when I’ve ironed a shirt, or when I have pressed a suit or a pair of wool trousers, and I’ve worn them all day, at the end of the day, there are wrinkles where I’ve worn them or where I have sat or whatever. If I spray with a little Crease Release, and run my hands across them, it’s as good as new and I can hang them back in the closet.

The Laundry Guy's Favorite Laundry Products

8. Stain Bar/Stain Brush

One of the cores of stain solution is the Stain Bar and the Stain Brush. This is a horsehair brush, it’s safe enough to scrub even cashmere. The washing stain bar from the Laundry Evangelist gets out 95% of stains. I use it all the time. This is the thing I replace most often, fortunately, it’s the smallest thing I have here.

And then the magic three… these are the three things you will see me go to over and over and over.


9. Rubbing Alcohol

It’s in a spray bottle because I use it that much… It’s great in a spray bottle because it makes it so much easier to use and so much faster.

Patric Richardson Vodka

10. Vodka

No… it’s not to drink! Although, whenever you’re filling up the bottle, if you pour yourself a glass… you pour yourself a glass.

Laundry Guy Vinegar Water

11. Vinegar and Water

My all time favorite… vinegar and water. Vinegar and water is the thing that I go to and reach for all the time. It’s just plain white vinegar mixed with water in a 50/50 ratio. Honestly, I can’t even tell you how much you’ll use it. If you watch the videos, you’ll see how much I use it.

The Laundry Guy's Favorite Laundry Products

12. Stain Cloths

And last… but certainly not least, my Stain Cloths. I have to have stain cloths because I put these under every single stain before I go to treat it because it keeps the stain from moving through to the other fabric., Plus they are very absorbent. They are terry cloth, so they are going to help absorb the stain. They are going to help in your stain treating process, and they are going to keep the stain from running through to the backside of the fabric, or onto your ironing board, which is what I typically treat on because I have a small laundry room.

So those are the things you need. Follow the links above to shop my favorite products! – Patric