I’ve been wanting to do this for a while and I don’t know for some reason, it feels like the right time. You know I love oxygen bleach, we talk about it all the time. You’ve seen it on my show, you’ve read about it in my book, and you’ve seen me use it on Facebook, I mean, I LOVE it. But we always talk about it for one thing, and it has so many uses!

What is Oxygen Bleach?

Free of harsh chemical smells, oxygen bleach is a powerful alternative to chlorine bleach that works wonders to safely remove dirt, stains, and odors. Add oxygen bleach to the wash cycle to whiten and brighten clothes—You can also use this single product to clean your entire home— tiles, sinks, and surfaces.


I thought it would be fun to give you 10 uses for oxygen bleach that you may or may not know. The first one is obviously stain removal.

oxygen bleach for stain removal

1. Oxygen Bleach for Stain Removal

Stain removal is why we SO love oxygen bleach. Because you mix up one tablespoon of oxygen bleach to a quart of water, and you dip stains like red wine, or blood, or fruit juice, or if the baby has an accident. You just dip it in and it literally changes color and you toss it in the wash. Super easy, there are a million uses sort of in this realm for it, so I won’t go through them all but you get the idea.

oxygen bleach to whiten laundry

2. Whiten Your Laundry

2. Whiten Your Laundry

The second is to whiten your laundry. Throw it in your laundry, the one that everybody knows is it’s great for athletic wear because it kind of lifts the oil and odor out of your sort of performance wear. So it’s great for that but it’s also great just like if your sheets are dingy, like if your dog lays in the bed and you have the yellow oily spot. Or if like your towels look dingy you throw a tablespoon right into the load and it just kind of brightens all of that up.

cleaning carpet with oxygen bleach

3. Carpet

The third is Carpet. If you have a pet accident or if your carpet just looks dingy and blah you can mix a tablespoon to a gallon of warm water, I should ALWAYS say warm, blot it on, then take a towel with clear/clean water and blot that to kind of rinse, then blot it dry. The rinse is really important and what makes this work. You can also put this in a rug shampooer. Do know that you may see the area lighten because it isn’t oxidized, oxidation will naturally happen to carpet and the oxygen bleach takes it away. If the carpet is light you kind of need to do a whole room but you’ll figure it out.

cleaning upholstery with oxygen bleach

4. Oxygen Bleach for Upholstery

And then the fourth is like upholstery. You do it like you do the carpet, but it is much more important to blot it with clear water, to really get that rinse, and then blot it dry. Sometimes you need to use a brush on the stain when you put it on there and then you blot it clean. It will be much more obvious when it drys if you don’t really blot it clear.

cleaning pet things with oxygen bleach

5. Pet Things

The fifth kind of goes with these is pet things. Like your pet bed, crate, dog toys, sort of all of those things. You can use a tablespoon for a gallon and clean them and what’s really great is this is just hydrogen peroxide and this completely off gasses after 6 hours. So you just kind of mix it up, use it, and then it’s gone, just rinse it and your good to go. And what’s great is if your pet kind of has their nose in their bed, or whatever, then your not going to have a problem with them having chemicals down where they are so that’s super.

clean your fridge with oxygen bleach

6. Oxygen Bleach in the Kitchen

The next one is the kitchen. You can clean your kitchen with oxygen bleach! 

It’s great to clean your fridge because oxygen takes off everything organic, which is super. And also your cutting boards because it’s antibacterial, so that’s also super. It’s also great to clean the stove, and it’s GREAT on stainless. And what’s best is after you mix up a tablespoon to about half a gallon, you use it all over the kitchen, then you pour the rest down the drain, turn on the disposer, it will totally clean your drain, it’s SUPER.

how to clean burnt pans with oxygen bleach

7. Burnt Pans

If you have burnt food in a pan, so you’ve made your famous lasagna or something and it’s all burnt on the pan, set it in the sink, cover it with warm water, add two tablespoons of oxygen bleach, let it sit for 20 minutes, and all of that burnt on stuff will just float to the top. Super super easy.

cleaning bathroom with oxygen bleach

8. The Bathroom

Now we are going to go to the bathroom. To clean the bathroom it is a tablespoon to half a gallon of water, I actually just throw a tablespoon into warm water at the bottom of my sink or tub or whatever and just use a towel and clean it and rinse it and it makes sense right because its oil and its organic and its those things just taking it away. 

If you mix this with a little stain solution or dish soap it’s great to clean grout, it’s super that way because it’s all antibacterial and super safe. 

Oxygen Bleach for Mold

With that, this will actually remove mold. If you have a big mold problem, use a pro. But if it’s just like some mold on the side of the garage or on some chair or something outside, mix this up, two tablespoons of oxygen bleach to a gallon of hot water, rub it on, and let it sit about 10 minutes and rinse and you are good to go. The great thing about this is it won’t hurt the plants. So just give them a rinse-off just to add some extra water, but because it off-gasses, it’s totally safe.

oxygen bleach deck cleaner

9. Oxygen Bleach Deck Cleaner

With that, we are going to do the oxygen bleach to clean the deck. To clean the deck with oxygen bleach use two tablespoons to a gallon of hot water, mop it on the deck, and then rinse. We did this last year and it is amazing how much cleaner the deck came. And treated wood manufacturers recommend sodium percarbonate as one of the ways to clean the deck so that’s sort of nice.

how to clean brick fireplace with oxygen bleach

10. Brick

The last one and this is actually the one that prompted this because this is one that I did not know. You can use oxy bleach to clean brick. It’s great to clean brick, with two tablespoons to a gallon of hot water, and you sponge it on or brush it on let it sit for about 20 minutes and rinse it away. You can use it on the fireplace, obviously, which could get a little messy throw a towel down if you’re gonna do that. But it would be great on the firepit, you don’t want everyone’s hands being all sooty. Soot it really oily, and since oxygen bleach breaks down oil, this takes it away, which is a fun trick I just didn’t know.

So there are 10 ways to use oxygen bleach! I hope you love them. Feel free to reach out to the store if you have any questions, or come in here and ask me your questions and I will try to answer them. Have a really great day and have fun using your oxygen bleach! – Patric