Ask the Strategist: Are There Any Good Dry-cleaning Alternatives?

"Question: Are there any good dry-cleaning alternatives out there? I remember Dryel was a thing years ago; is there anything else out there that I could use to take care of my clothes at home and not spend a bunch of money on dry-cleaning?

Patric Richardson is obsessed with laundry. So much so that the former Neiman Marcus buyer and Nordstrom manager runs a laundry camp. He literally teaches people how to clean their clothes. He’s been called a laundry enthusiast and the pope of soap, but his preferred nickname is the Laundry Evangelist. And this Laundry Evangelist hasn’t dry-cleaned his clothes in years. So we got Richardson on the phone and convinced him to share his laundry-camp CliffsNotes on how to dry-clean your clothes at home." 

Photo: tom kelley/Getty Images

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